The hiring process no longer has to be time and resource consuming and ultimately headed in the wrong direction. At LateralMetrics, it’s all about structure, transparency, and inclusivity. Our video job posting resources not only provide a clearer, more transparent description of the job but allows more data collection and data sharing from a pool of more diverse candidates, which ultimately makes the hiring manager’s job much easier.

We’ll effectively strategize your recruitment plan, offering active position listings and interview invitations. We can help you incentivize your hiring process to cultivate and build a loyal relationship with advocates committed to your growth.

Our video interviewing process creates a continual flow of ready-to-screen interviews of serious candidates, making it simple to share and discuss, and fundamentally make better decisions every step of the way.

Learn about the One-Way Video Interview firsthand. •

The discipline is to hire a good fit strategically, culturally and economically. Initiate the discipline with the appropriate plan and resources.

Deploy resources to identify, engage, inform, evaluate, recruit highly-regarded qualified candidates and reward advocates.

Video interviewing adds more content early, eliminates time-wasting, and prompts better decision making.