You will be evaluated on the strength of your background, experience, and reputation. If you proceed, we want you to know what to expect regarding our recruitment practices including our client introduction and our support throughout the hiring process.

We do not decide if you are the best candidate. Our task is to determine whether you have the qualifications required to fill the position. To make this determination we collect information from various resources covering these, and related, subjects:

Academic transcript
Business plan
Job history
Salary history or requirement
Tax return
Transferable skills and business
Writing sample

We hold your employment information in strict confidence at all times, and we will not submit your record to a client without your expressed authorization. We assist candidates with due diligence covering management policies and procedures; and, review offers, provide insight, and negotiate compensation.  

Interviews are conducted by phone, in person, and on video. You may book an appointment online, by phone, or interview online at your convenience. 

We engage high-quality video interview features on a cloud-based platform allowing clients and candidates to exchange employment-related content efficiently.

We realize that being judged in front of a camera takes some getting used to, much akin to how being judged by the sound of one’s voice was discomforting with the introduction of voicemail. Today, voicemail is an essential tool for business. While camera success is second nature for some, typically you start out feeling unnatural. Time and practice make it less so and professionals, who master the skill set, have an enormous advantage finding, as well as creating more suitable opportunities.

Live and one-way video interviews allow us to connect more personally with you, and ultimately, you with the client. Given your achievements, you should expect key decision makers to view your responses to learn more about you; making you more than a piece of paper at this step of the process.

Once approved and submitted, we monitor the status of our referral submission. Following each exchange, we debrief each candidate and in the case of video interviews, we review the video and receive an alert when a client opens the link to review the video. We receive and share client interview evaluations immediately.

Register at LateralMetrics and take our mock interviews to hone your delivery and interview. We will be with you every step of the way in case you have any questions or are in need of any assistance. Help us find the opportunity that wants you and the opportunity that you want.  

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