As a legal recruiter, one of our most important goals is to initiate and maintain relationships with hiring contacts to create a foundation for the recruitment team to succeed. Without that connection and communication, neither side will be able to fulfill each other’s expectations. Ideally, an employer wants to work with a recruiter that understands the requisition and recruits efficiently, at a high volume and in a timely fashion. We apply advanced resources and technology to meet client demands.

At LateralMetrics, you have the option to submit a video along with your resume. If you do not have a video, and you want one, you may create one. We invite you to introduce yourself. Qualifying candidates may submit up to 15 questions from which we will select no more than three at a time to create a One-Way Interview. 

Here are three reasons why video interview helps us to send better candidates to the hiring manager:

1. We can speed up the interview process and assess more candidates, better.

2. Video removes geographic limitations and allows us to recruit efficiently, worldwide.

3. We enrich the interview process by allowing candidates to identify quickly with expectations and be excited to become a part of the practice.

Resumes give us a basic idea about the candidate’s qualifications, but you can rarely see whether the candidate will fit in with the practice and succeed in the position. A candidate must be the right fit for the practice to bring the best value to the organization.

Video interviews allow us to assess a candidate for a practice much better than by telephone screening and without having to commit time and travel to interview in-person. We send a link to a short interview that allows the candidate to record responses to preset questions. We review these recorded responses to see whether the attitude and communication skills are the right fit for the practice. By the time we commit our time for either a phone screen or live video interview, we will already have an idea of how the hiring partner will see the candidate fitting into the practice.


The interview video will promote a diverse workforce with different perspectives. The talented candidates that fit with the practice requisition will come from many backgrounds and help the organization reach its goals.

Recruiting for personality traits is not a barrier to diversity. If you focus the recruitment on the characteristics that lead to a fruitful and productive career in law, you will find candidates from diverse backgrounds.

Video Interview Placement Bonus

Qualifying video interview candidates earn a bonus. 

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