Onboarding ResourcesWe have recruited and placed experienced attorneys since 1983. We engage individuals with outstanding academic backgrounds, accomplishments, and professionalism. We share our expert insights into our lateral recruitment and placement practices and policies that evolve to meet competing demands.

When you contemplate a lateral move, our Alert Move, Video Interview, and Placement Bonuses will provide you with an exceptional financial benefit with your new job.

The Alert notifies you of publicly and privately published job listings added by LateralMetrics.com that match your Alert settings. More importantly, your Alert enables our professionals to proactively and confidentially contact practice, hiring and managing partners to find the right position that matches your Alert.

We advance the use of video to build and strengthen relationships. Our video interviewing options, Live and One-Way Video, allow us to facilitate the exchange of more reliable information faster and provide a convenient alternative to phone interviews and interviews that require substantial travel time. Video interviewing allows you to make a best first impression. It is also a benefit for potential employers as it saves them time and money. Tutorials and support are available at all times. Introduce yourself to this One-Way Interview.

A successful candidate receives a Placement Bonus, and when the successful candidate engages, the Alert and Video Interview features, they gain the maximum bonus.

We hold any employment documents, files, and communications shared with us in strict confidence. We also offer a secure private email option to manage career search related correspondence.

Our Referral feature is remarkably simple to use and unequaled. You share a unique link that creates a passive income possibility up to five years for each referral captured. Register and enroll as an Affiliate to generate custom links (Demo) to share.  Alternately, our concierge service will complete your registration, Affiliate referral enrollment, and send you a prime referral link to share at your discretion, along with your login name and passwords.

You can learn more about our services at your convenience. We invite you to reply with your email address, call or schedule a mutually convenient date and time to speak with us. We welcome your comments, questions, and suggestions.